China recently announced its zero Covid lock-down policy will remain for 5 more years! Can your supply-chain cope with that?
China recently announced its zero Covid lock-downpolicy will remain for 5 more years! Can your supply-chain cope with that? 

GBT is still UNAFFECTED by the continuing Covid situation

Much of the UK supply chain is been adversely affected by the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, especially companies who are importing goods from China. GBT International Ltd focuses on imports from Turkey. At the time of writing there are thankfully only a reletivly  low number of CV-19 cases in Turkey. Obviously we will be monitoring the ongoing situation, but for the time being it is very much business as usual.


If your business has been affected by the inability to get goods and From China please call us, we will be able to help you. We are still also now stocking a range of products In anticipation of coronavirus continuing to be widespread in the UK, these include hand sanitiser and medical grade facemasks.


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GBT International "Making the World of Difference" B2B

Our History

GBT international is an exciting forward looking company which came into being to satisfy the growing demand for a wide range of products from around the globe. In  post Bexit Britain we have a new and unprecedented chance to buy and sell her products on a truly global trading platform for the first time in over 40 years. This brings scope to trade with countries to which we have had limited access. With experts working with us from all over the world, GBT International is here to help you make the most of this exciting new era  for our great trading nation, GB PLC.

Our Products

GBT International supply a wide range of products across all industries and services. We import and distribute to the food service, retail, health-care and wholesale supply chain. Our products range from foods to sanitary products, from packaging to confectionary. We assist companies with their supply needs, bringing suppliers from new markets to new customers. We also assist UK manufactures to find new overseas markets. Our in-house expert wealth of experience in these areas save our clients and customers time and money.

Our Aims

As we manage Brexit and the challenges and opportunities it  brings in terms of trading and supply, we seek to gain the best advantages for these changes to benefit our customers businesses. Now is the best time to prepare for the changes to ensure that when they come, you are not only ready for them, but ready to take full advantage of them. As we aim to be once again a major global trading nation, our importers and exporters alike will now both have unprecedented accesses to the widest range of products and markets. It's our aim to be at the very tip of this spear.

GBT International embraces a "World Supply" concept

As you would expect of from a company which has the word “International” to the fore, GBT International is a company with a global reach and ambition. "World Supply" is a concept which will allow British companies to be able to source products on a global basis, they are also able to reach out to new customer markets on all continents. We can assist UK based companies to find foods, raw materials, finished goods, packaging and much more, as well as help them to find the overseas markets to sell their goods finished to. We can help UK retailer’s to find new and exciting products from overseas with which to tempt their customers. No matter what market you are in, what products you are buying or selling, we can help you to make a world of difference. 

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GBT International opens new Istanbul office.

In 2018 we were delighted to announce the opening of our  Istanbul offices.    

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GBT International Limited. Working in close partnership with the Elbar Group of companies.

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